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ARE THERE ANY FIEROS IN GRAND RAPIDS MICHIGAN?? WHERE ARE YOU???   (General Fiero Chat - by solotwo, started: 04-08-2013, last post: 2014-02-08 02:58:47 CET)
Did everyone sell their cars or what? I dont see any on the streets and highways of GR. I dont see anyone on the forum. Did you sell your cars?Steve W.NE Grand Rapids, Michigan
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MotorWEAK?   (Archive: GFC - by fierophenom, started: 01-20-2012, last post: 2013-03-14 10:19:19 CET)
Watching the old Motorweek reviews,I noticed a sharp downward spiral in their positivity toward the Fiero from 1985-1988.Although '88 garnered a slightly better review because of the new suspension design,the editors/reviewers were pretty hard on them through those years.In contrast,the review for...
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Christmas is over, time to think about next years gift.....A HAND GUN!   (Archive: TO/T - by jimbolaya, started: 12-28-2010, last post: 2016-03-23 10:39:03 CET)
So I have finally convinced the wife to allow a hand gun in the house. She said if I take what ever classes I need to, Santa might bring me a hand gun next year. I plan on taking a beginners course for just getting familiar with a gun, and then whatever other steps are necessary. I eventually...
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Chalk one up for the gun-folks   (Archive: TO/T - by carnut122, started: 08-04-2012, last post: 2016-03-23 10:40:36 CET)
Yes it's from Huffpost again. I'll pick "politics" as we know somebody will turn it into such. Woman, 65, Singlehandedly Stops 5 Masked Thugs From Robbing Her Pawn Shop (VIDEO)When five masked thugs attempted to rob a southern California pawn shop earlier this week, they expected it to be easy...
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Herman Cain train has stopped! He dropped out.   (Archive: TO/T - by Wichita, started: 12-03-2011, last post: 2013-03-14 10:28:21 CET)
We all knew he couldn't recover from his affairs coming out. But Herman is still a cool guy and had a good run. He will be endorsing one of the Candidates soon and I'm guessing it will be Newt.I know that Democrats can get away with sexual allegations and affairs. But your average Republican are...
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I am leaving the forum for good. Too many Ignorant people.   (Archive: TO/T - by Ramsespride, started: 03-05-2011, last post: 2013-03-14 10:32:12 CET)
Good bye to Fiero Rumor, FieroFetish, Xerces_blackthorne, and a few others that i have gotten along with and grown to look forward to speaking with.I am leaving this forum effective immediately due mostly in part to the ignorance of a select group of narrow sighted people and their inability to...
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4.9 what to grab?   (Archive: TD&Q - by BlackFieroz, started: 12-25-2010, last post: 2012-01-11 09:57:16 CET)
Do i need or should i grab any motor mounts from the donor car? of a 4.9 Cadillac? I think i only need to make 2 mounts if i remember correct. What about the fuel pump? Would it work in the fiero tank?[This message has been edited by BlackFieroz (edited 12-25-2010).]
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What is a RICER?   (Archive: GFC - by Synthesis, started: 09-26-2010, last post: 2012-01-11 10:04:58 CET)
I am a member of RKC, and have attended their weekly meets in the past with my Fiero... I felt that this applies to the Fiero community as much as anywhere else, and while I am not necessarily promoting RKC, I AM promoting this video, as it makes a very solid point. PS: Their meets are a lot of...
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New to the Fiero scene, Just saying Hello   (Archive: GFC - by dejulio, started: 05-17-2010, last post: 2012-01-11 10:05:54 CET)
Hey everyone hows it goin? I just bought my 85 fiero gt notchback it needs some body work but i think its a great start to be awesome. I allready bought a parts car to fix the body damage and the headlight motors.i love the way it looks and drives. I plan on doing alot to it. Anyway I found PFF...
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Date for MAFOA's 2011 Fall show in Lititz?   (Archive: GFC - by sabooo, started: 09-03-2011, last post: 2013-03-14 10:19:48 CET)
Still nothing on the events calendar, or any announcements from the club. Anyone have a firm date for this? If history repeats, it will be on the 8th, but I'd really like to get some confirmation on that.
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