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Can The IAC be checked or cleaned instead of installing a new one?   (Archive: TD&Q - by 2000RagTop, started: 08-13-2003, last post: 2003-12-29 12:56:01 CET)
I posted the other day about my car stalling when I shift from park to reverse, or park to drive, and got back that I should maybe look at the IAC Can this be checked or cleaned before I "blindly" install a new one?Thanks,Michael
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IAC and Throttle Body Cleaning>   (Archive: TD&Q - by labbe001, started: 08-18-2009, last post: 2011-05-02 10:44:05 CEST)
i'm having a problem w/ my 87GT Idling down too low and then cutting off. also, the tb seems to be pretty stiff. i've used some TB spray cleaner and that helped some. i was kicking around the idea of taking it completely off the car and cleaning it. is there some kind of chemical i can soak it in...
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Changed cap, rotor, O2, wires, plugs, cleaned IAC, and I have some questions...   (Archive: TD&Q - by Bigfieroman, started: 10-03-2004, last post: 2005-01-19 11:09:28 CET)
I did all of the above, and I have a few questions. The rotor had noticable carbon inside of that normal?The plugs had carbon on them, mostly around the base, between the insulator and the threaded part. They had a little ash on the electrode. Is this normal? They were NGK UR5s, but I...
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IAC valve cleaning   (Archive: TD&Q - by aconesa, started: 08-17-2006, last post: 2007-03-15 11:30:54 CET)
Hello Group:Which is the best method to cleaning a IAC valve and throttle body for a V6 auto?Thanks
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Having a problem with surging idle / stalling when cold? Clean your IAC!   (Archive: TD&Q - by Bigfieroman, started: 09-06-2005, last post: 2006-02-06 11:44:16 CET)
I have had a problem with my 2.8 surging and stalling and backfiring when cold. It would stick around for a minute or so, and then it would be OK. I fixed once during a tuneup, but I was unsure what the fix was specifically. I replaced the O2, wires, plugs, cap, rotor and cleaned the IAC. The...
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clean IAC, add K&N filter, Check Engine Soon light comes on. ?   (Archive: TD&Q - by BlueCat, started: 07-24-2002, last post: 2002-11-04 12:08:24 CET)
Just like the subject...I cleaned the IAC last weekend and installed a K&N air filter last night. This afternoon, I am sitting at a stop light and the Check Engine Soon light comes on!?The engine sounds like it is running better. I haven't driven enough miles to determine if I have better gas...
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Cleaning IAC and TB hoping to cure idle woes.   (Archive: TD&Q - by olaf_fiero27, started: 01-26-2005, last post: 2006-02-06 11:47:16 CET)
Well from a cold start my 86 GT with 188,000 kms on it (117,000 miles) idles at about 2000 and keeps it steady until it starts to warm up to normal operating temp. Once it gets to normal temp is idles between 1100 and 900 rpm. The intake gaskets are new, and im working on fixing the EGR, but when...
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IAC sensor/ cleaning   (Archive: TD&Q - by DavidStremer, started: 07-28-2003, last post: 2004-02-23 13:37:46 CET)
A lot has been writen about the importance of cleaning throttle body and air passages when changing IAC sensor.WELL, I HAVE A QUESTION; how is it done? Does one just clean the passage where the pintle of the IAC gets inserted -- hole easily seen when looking into intake of throttle body?OR,...
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Cleaning IAC Circuit   (Archive: TD&Q - by fierofool, started: 12-12-2012, last post: 2016-03-23 10:11:10 CET)
After removing the IAC, is it safe to clean the IAC port with PB Blaster? Or is something else recommended. Brake Cleaner? Something else? I'm sure WD-40 isn't acceptable due to the silicone content and the Oh-2 sensor. Is it safe to clean the port with the IAC installed and the engine...
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A clean IAC valve   (Archive: TD&Q - by Brint, started: 07-15-2006, last post: 2007-03-15 11:32:04 CET)
Is there something "safe" to use to clean any carbon build-up off the pintle of the IAC valve? Gumout? Brake parts cleaner? Also, what if I cannot set the pintle to 28mm. I mean it doesn't move. Does that mean a bad IAC valve?
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