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3800 swap time for the red devil #666 I have questions Please assist   (Archive: TD&Q - by Fiero Thomas, started: 06-01-2011, last post: 2013-03-14 10:11:53 CET)
Hello all as you know I have done some work on the devil here But I needed this thread as I have questions on the swap. Here is where we are so far. I have a running 3800na. I drove in the fiero it was in and it worked very well. SO I have the...
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My new project 85gt Red Devil #666   (Archive: GFC - by Fiero Thomas, started: 06-20-2010, last post: 2013-03-14 10:20:06 CET)
Here we go thiis will be my latest build. This one I will finish. its going to be done in stages and will take me awhile. When completed I hope to have a deep red 3800sc with custom interior done by me. I am going to take care of the little stuff first then work in one place at a time. Here we...
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