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Heads up display. How to bench test?   (Archive: TD&Q - by tpeerson, started: 05-24-2002, last post: 2002-11-04 12:04:13 CET)
To those in the forum that have mentioned installing a Bonnivile HUD in their car...Can someone tell me how to bench test the display? I have two units, and would like to see that they at least light up before going through the installation. A tech told me "if you just hook up power and ground it...
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HEADS UP DISPLAY   (Archive: GFC - by FIEROFROSTBITE, started: 08-24-2004, last post: 2005-01-19 11:47:11 CET)
Today I ran across a heads up display in a 94 Olds. What is it worth and how hard is it to adapt to an 88 GT ?
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Heads up display   (Archive: GFC - by fiero_silva, started: 03-23-2006, last post: 2006-08-11 11:49:31 CEST)
Has anyone put in a HUD from a grand prix? I searched but didn't find any info.. I was wondering if it can be done and how hard it is.. I've got pretty good electrical skills being a mobile installer and also pretty good custom fabricating skills......
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heads up display   (Archive: GFC - by Hardpact, started: 09-23-2008, last post: 2010-04-21 09:27:11 CEST)
i have an interest in the heads up display has anyone done this and if so would like to see some pics of this and how it looks on the window
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Heads Up Display   (Archive: GFC - by jubjub2m6, started: 03-26-2002, last post: 2002-08-25 13:23:44 CEST)
I found a setup so you can have a Heads up display in a fiero, its more like a circut board type setup. I was wandering if anyone has done it about how much it cost you, and pictures and all that cool stuff?
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heads up display schematics   (Archive: GFC - by gabriel, started: 03-04-2001, last post: 2001-09-24 23:50:20 CEST)
Hey Guys. Take a look at this page: This guy has schematics for a few electronic devices that you can build, including a heads up display that looks like it would cost very little, but you need to know how to build it. Anyone on this forum want to...
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~Dual Heads Up Display (HUD) by ~Mister~   (Archive: GFC - by Mister, started: 04-01-2007, last post: 2010-04-21 09:26:39 CEST)
Intro... Every project start with a good idea, and some PFF research Search Heads up display as subject on PFF Search HUD as subject on PFFCredit is given where credit is due This is not an original idea (what is?) there are a few HUD setups on Fieros out there,On this setup Iíve combined a...
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Heads Up Display   (Archive: GFC - by David Bartlett, started: 09-02-2001, last post: 2002-01-18 17:19:25 CET)
Has anyone install one of those HUD units i've seen around. I can't remember the guy who sells them but the go for $60us. I'm just wondering if its worth $60.
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GM's new Heads Up Display concept uses entire windshield   (Archive: TO/T - by rinselberg, started: 03-17-2010, last post: 2011-05-02 10:56:16 CEST)
Currently vehicles that feature "head-up display" technology generally display important information like vehicle speed, navigation directions, etc. on small part of the windshield, but GM's new system is going to go even further.GM is currently working on a new system that would use data collected...
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