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Fiero painting, how many gallons??????   (Archive: TD&Q - by NickD3.4, started: 02-29-2008, archived: 2009-09-07 11:05:06 CEST)
Any one know how many gallons of paint it takes to paint a fiero? will one gallon do the tricK?[This message has been edited by NickD3.4 (edited 02-29-2008).]
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Painting question: Anything special?   (Archive: TD&Q - by Twilight Fenrir, started: 12-28-2008, archived: 2010-04-21 09:19:53 CEST)
Well, the weather isn't exactly ideal for painting 'round here this time of year, but it's a question I've sorta been wondering for awhile now and thought I'd ask. Does the duraflex plastic on the Fiero's body require any special products for painting? Or is the standard automotive paint with an...
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Dupont paint proceedure---??!!!!!   (Archive: TD&Q - by procarnut, started: 11-01-2006, archived: 2007-03-15 11:28:29 CET)
I have recently decided to go ahead and paint my 86 fiero gt. I have experience painting cars and body work but have found that things have changed quite a bit. I called Du pont about the new changes to see what would ensure the best paint setup possible for looks and durability. So I priced the...
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My $164 Paint Job!   (Archive: TD&Q - by Bradester, started: 07-19-2005, archived: 2009-02-19 10:45:25 CET)
First, a Before pic:A few sheets of sandpaper, 3 rattlecans of primer, 3 rattlecans of black, 9 rattlecans of body color, 5 rattlecans of clearcoat, some miscellaneous things a few weekends later we have this!:Ta da!
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DIY, How to Paint your Fiero the right way for cheap!   (Archive: TD&Q - by DeLorean00, started: 04-03-2008, archived: 2016-03-23 10:12:28 CET)
As requested from another thread here is a simple how to on painting your car. I hope you find this useful. Every product I will mention in this thread can be bought at any local automotive paint store. Here is a short list of what you will need for this project;-Air Compressor with a minimum of a...
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Maaco (Yea I know)   (Archive: TD&Q - by Rob Ernst, started: 10-12-2004, archived: 2005-04-10 10:38:21 CEST)
Ok, wife says I can have my car painted.I'm near Cincinnati. I've heard enough bad stories about Maaco but since I'm cheap (Hey I drive a Fiero) I want to tempt fate.Has anybody near Cincinnati had GOOD experiences with any particular Maaco (since I know they are franchised)? I'm willing to drive...
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YABT - 3800SC (many pics - 56k warning)   (Archive: TD&Q - by grsychckn, started: 10-26-2006, archived: 2016-03-23 10:09:49 CET)
Before I get started I want to thank people who have been particularly helpful during this entire process. Loyde, Ryan (darthfiero), Purple Reign, PCTech, and WCF. There are many others on this forum who have helped me along the way and I thank you all as well - this forum is the best. I...
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Anybody have good luck painting outside??   (Archive: TD&Q - by Blue87Fiero, started: 07-15-2009, archived: 2013-03-14 10:12:39 CET)
I was wondering if anyone has painted outside with decent results??? This is my first eperience painting a car so I am expecting lots of orange peel and runs. I do not have access to a garage. We do have a barn but it is all sand and dirt floors and I was thinking I would be better off outside on...
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Maaco paint?   (Archive: TD&Q - by npdimonte, started: 11-19-2010, archived: 2012-01-11 09:57:31 CET)
I'm getting ready to paint my Fiero, every single body panel is off and Maaco is willing to paint all of these panels off the chassis. Never thought I would consider Maaco, but has anyone ever used them before? If so, how long ago? what package did you get? did you have them do any repair work? did...
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Duplicolor Paint Shop Job   (Archive: TD&Q - by jasedude, started: 04-06-2010, archived: 2012-01-11 09:59:09 CET)
Well, After a considerable amount of research, the professionals seem to all agree, Dupli Color Paint Shop, as with any lacquer paint, is an inferior paint compared to anything else used today. But since I'm stubborn and cheap, I'm going to use it anyway :-D. Ill be documenting my experience from...
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