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Looking for 2.5 throttle body   (Technical Discussion & Questions - by iwantarotaryfiero, started: 06-20-2015, last post: 2015-06-25 21:21:44 CEST)
Hi, I'm looking for a throttle body for an 87 2.5You can reach me at 416-407-7000Jim
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3800 - lower manifold coolant plugs? or throttle body spacer with coolant blockoff?   (Technical Discussion & Questions - by DimeMachine, started: 06-10-2019, last post: 2019-06-23 20:47:40 CEST)
Question for the 3800 crowd and first hand knowledge.My air inlet pipe and rubber coupler is getting more heatsoaked than I would like. I see a lot of the GTP crowd plugs the two holes in the lower intake manifold thus blocking coolant flow to the M90 supercharger and throttle body. I am not...
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Vacuum leak at purge solenoid port in throttle body?   (Technical Discussion & Questions - by Tweeder, started: 10-19-2013, last post: 2013-10-20 00:21:46 CEST)
Is it possible to have a vaccum leak at the port on the throttle body to the purge solenoid? Not talking the line itself but where the metal goes into the throttle body. I was spraying with carb cleaner around there to see if the new throttle body gasket was working and I noticed it stumble, I...
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Rebuilding Throttle body 2.5L Duke   (Technical Discussion & Questions - by JMTUT, started: 12-03-2017, last post: 2017-12-04 15:56:14 CET)
I'm pl.anning on rebuilding my Throttle body. Car sat for over a year before I purchased it.I have a question on the kit I bought from Rock Auto. I have not taken off this type of TB before. The kit has two large gaskets, I presume for the intake to throttle body. Are both of these gaskets...
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throttle body torx screws   (Technical Discussion & Questions - by jhsr390, started: 08-08-2013, last post: 2013-08-08 23:57:45 CEST)
Hi Forum,Does anyone out there know off hand the size of the two Torx screws that secure the throttle body to the plenum.Any response appreciated.Thanks, Jim
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WOT on a 2.8 throttle body   (Technical Discussion & Questions - by pmbrunelle, started: 04-28-2018, last post: 2018-04-29 19:38:39 CEST)
Is it just me, or at WOT is the butterfly not fully horizontal?If I wanted to soup up my engine (for more peak hp), it would be easy to tweak (grind) the throttle stop to allow the throttle to open further.Is there any potential issue I'm missing?It seems almost too easy; if Pontiac limited the...
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Throttle body leaking ?? Leaking what?   (Technical Discussion & Questions - by Frank-ero, started: 04-29-2019, last post: 2019-05-13 20:00:17 CEST)
I installed a new TPS and CPV. Took the Fiero down the road and some acceleration problems I was having had stopped. Next time it has code 21 and 22 (high voltage tps and low voltage tps...) But I took the hose from the throttle body off to spray some starter in and liquid comes pouring out! AH...
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N * throttle body questions   (Technical Discussion & Questions - by Grantman, started: 12-14-2014, last post: 2014-12-14 22:23:01 CET)
curious about something on these two northstars. the lower picture shows what seems to be material cut away to allow that passage to have access to the airway and the top one does not. Is that area supposed to be cut out to work on a SC3800? or is that for some other reason?
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northstar throttle body   (Technical Discussion & Questions - by vette7584, started: 10-29-2015, last post: 2015-10-30 03:22:18 CET)
i am sending a cadillac to the scrap yard, a 1996 eldorado, it has the northstar engine, is this the throttle body people use for ther 3800's?
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Need ideas for LT1 90 degree Throttle Body to MAF Sensor coupler   (Technical Discussion & Questions - by hdryder, started: 05-01-2016, last post: 2016-05-04 09:15:15 CEST)
Is anyone else running a '92-'96 LT1? I need a suggestion for a Throttle Body to MAF Sensor 90 degree induct coupler. I currently have a B-Body 3.0" MAF sensor the swap builder used, but due to the GM 12370846 Hydraulic Roller Cam and ported and polished heads I need to change to a 3.5" MAF Sensor....
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