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what year did series 2 3800SC throttle bodies CHANGE ?   (Technical Discussion & Questions - by Lou6t4gto, started: 01-23-2020, last post: 2020-01-25 20:45:27 CET)
I have a few 3800 Throttle bodies here from series 2 3800SC engines. the only difference I can SEE, is the size of the HOLE where the MAF goes in. thus mandating a "different" MAF. How do I tell which is which year ? Thank you
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87 2,8 throttle body   (Technical Discussion & Questions - by lemonhead, started: 09-17-2020, last post: 2020-09-18 00:28:28 CEST)
dose anybody know what size the O ring is thats on the throttle body tube that connects to the intake manifold for the cold start injector? also i need to replace the cold start fitting seal that threds in to the injector block, it's a rubber metal washer looks like an air cond seal? thats...
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Throttle Body Coolent lines removal   (Technical Discussion & Questions - by oldbikeracer, started: 10-28-2013, last post: 2013-11-03 00:09:02 CET)
Here we go again, a little long so read on.. Last week my 87 2.8 Fierro started idling a little high. I got a Check Engine light when idling, it IAC could not set idle. Next thing I did was check for vacuum leaks and found none. Then I decided to pull the IAC and clean it to see if that would help...
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Northstar throttle body to 3800 wiring question   (Technical Discussion & Questions - by Dave E Bouy, started: 07-01-2015, last post: 2015-07-03 21:20:48 CEST)
Hello all. I am installing Northstar throttle body on a 3800 swap I am working on, using a stock Northstar MAF. I notice that the Northstar MAF is a 5 wire connector while the 3800 MAF is a 3 wire unit. Does anyone know how to wire the Northstar MAF to the 3800 ECM. I assume I can figure out the...
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1994 3.4 DOHC lower intake, and complete intake manifold with throttle body make offe   (The Mall - by loudecuz, started: 05-21-2016, last post: 2016-05-22 16:20:17 CEST)
I have a complete upper and lower intake throttle body with upper intake attached for my 3.4 DOHC up graded to newer version from 1994 3.4 dohc olds cutlass supreme
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Need 2.8 throttle body   (The Mall - by NightMare Cruiser, started: 11-08-2014, last post: 2014-11-15 16:29:41 CET)
I'm trying to figure out why our GT gas pedal is so hard. I remove cable from throttle and pedal moves very easy. Do throttle by hand and it seems ok. Put it together and tight / hard pedal. Does anyone have a good 2.8 throttle body for sale or I can borrow?
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Wanted: V6 Throttle body   (The Mall - by rd1, started: 09-15-2016, last post: 2016-09-16 16:37:13 CEST)
Hy guys. I'm looking for a good throttle body. Only thing is that it needs to be untouched, that means with adjustment screw sealed, preffering with functional IAC and TPS, can be without it. Please make me an offer here or mail: you very much
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3800 throttle body spacing adapter with new gasket   (The Mall - by mmeyer86gt/gtp, started: 01-28-2017, last post: 2017-01-29 04:35:31 CET)
3800 throttle body spacing adapter with new gasket you will need to source new screws for this$30 shipped
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Northstar Throttle Body   (The Mall - by WickedFieroGTP, started: 10-08-2014, last post: 2014-10-10 20:41:15 CEST)
Bought this throttle body about a year ago for my 3.8 swap but never installed it. I believe it was of a late 90's car but I don't remember exactly. Its a 4 bolt type. All the sensors are there as well as the brackets. $50.00+sh.[This message has been edited by WickedFieroGTP (edited...
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WTB '84 throttle body.   (The Mall - by Tha Driver, started: 07-21-2014, last post: 2014-08-01 07:54:34 CEST)
Got it - 1MohrFiero came through for me - Thanks!So the throttle body on my Indy is toast. I need the complete unit, in "working" order. I have a rebuild kit to refresh it.Need shipped to Ga. - 30633.You can PM me or email me at ImThaDriver at yahoo. Thanks,~ Paulaka "Tha Driver"Custom Fiberglass...
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