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FS: Darrell Morse 56mm bored out throttle body   (The Mall - by DJErikd, started: 11-08-2014, last post: 2015-03-06 02:55:29 CET)
Darrell Morse 56mm bored out throttle body. $OLD- Erik[This message has been edited by DJErikd (edited 03-05-2015).]
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Need: 3800 Series 1 throttle body   (The Mall - by darbysan, started: 03-06-2016, last post: 2016-03-07 17:20:08 CET)
NO LONGER NEEDED.Looking for a specific throttle body for my conversion, and thought I would check here ( someone may have something that might work). My research indicates that MAYBE a Supercharged Throttle Body from a 94-95 Park Ave, 94-95 Bonneville, 94-95 Olds 98 or '95 Olds 88 should match...
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For sale northstar throttle body   (The Mall - by crashmydaytona, started: 02-05-2017, last post: 2017-02-16 16:00:23 CET)
One extra large bore 75MM NORTHSTAR throttle body. This throttle body will fit 3800SC engines and really wakes them up allowing better air flow and throttle response. It can be used with the ZZ Performance adapter plate that allows it to bolt right to a 3800 supercharger or N/A manifold. It comes...
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Big bore throttle body   (The Mall - by jjd2296, started: 02-02-2019, last post: 2019-02-06 01:36:24 CET)
Anyone have one of the fiero Holley throttle bodies that have been bored out for sale?
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wtb 1984 Duke Throttle Body   (The Mall - by Ventura, started: 12-05-2014, last post: 2014-12-08 00:14:16 CET)
I need a throttle body for a 1984 Duke with auto transmission. Really all I need is the shaft for the butterfly with the bellcrank on the end or a junk throttle body that's cheap.
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Looking for a 1998 or 1999 3800 sc throttle body maf sensor and pcm   (The Mall - by Lou and Blue, started: 05-15-2014, last post: 2014-05-18 13:39:45 CEST)
I'm thinking of buying a 96 3800sc but I was advised to swap the throttle body, maf sensor and PCM with a 98 or 99 throttle body. And getting a 98 or newer maf sensor and PCM. Trying to ask about availability and pricing for those items.Thank youLouis
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Darrell Morse 56mm throttle body & intake, Dawg modified neck, matching valve covers   (The Mall - by DJErikd, started: 10-17-2014, last post: 2014-11-01 23:50:56 CET)
Intake plenum sold, but Darrell Morse 56mm throttle body still available. $170 PayPal / money order shipped.[This message has been edited by DJErikd (edited 11-01-2014).]
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3800 performance and stock parts VS cam, 42.5 lb injectors, 72 MM throttle body   (The Mall - by Fiero GS, started: 10-30-2013, last post: 2014-04-10 01:13:00 CEST)
2004 Impala SS supercharger $150 plus shipping / great condition 97-98 style 72 mm throttle body custom made for me by Dan Arcand "thefastman" $150Many other stock parts including cyldiner heads with 105 comp springs and new valve seals and 2 M90 gen 3 superchargers / 3 stock throttle bodies / coil...
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WTS stock V6 Holley throttle body   (The Mall - by masospaghetti, started: 04-18-2016, last post: 2016-04-18 16:23:18 CEST)
Good used throttle body. Fiero is gone, need to sell! $30 OBO shipped. Make offer!
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FS: Adapter for gen 5 M90 to Northstar throttle body   (The Mall - by doublec4, started: 04-14-2016, last post: 2017-02-10 02:44:26 CET)
$75 for the adapter + hardwareI bought the gen 5 adapter by accident... I needed the gen 3This will allow you to run a 2000+ 75mm Northstar throttle body on your supercharger. pm or post if you're interested.Thanks!
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