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V6 Throttle Body Differences Based on Transmission?   (Technical Discussion & Questions - by reinhart, started: 05-05-2021, last post: 2021-05-08 19:51:55 CEST)
I was reading that there was a difference on the V6 Throttle Body based on whether someone had an automatic or manual transmission. I'm assuming it has something to do with the throttle spindle assembly. Is it a different spindle where the cables bolt up? Anyone have a picture showing the...
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V6 Throttle Body   (The Mall - by reinhart, started: 04-11-2021, last post: 2021-05-05 17:53:37 CEST)
Hi guys.I'm looking for a good throttle body. Only thing is that it needs to be untouched, that means with adjustment screw sealed, prefering with functional IAC and TPS, can be without it. Please make me an offer here or PMThank you very much
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Intake Manifold / Throttle Body Vacuum Ports: What are they called? Where to buy?   (Technical Discussion & Questions - by reinhart, started: 05-02-2021, last post: 2021-05-03 09:47:57 CEST)
I want to get replacement vacuum port fittings or intake manifold fittings, where would I find them? I'm talking about the metal cylinders that the vacuum hoses go on. I've searched online for "throttle body port" "vacuum port" etc and not getting any hits. I'd like to find both the press in...
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87 2,8 throttle body   (Technical Discussion & Questions - by lemonhead, started: 09-17-2020, last post: 2020-09-18 00:28:28 CEST)
dose anybody know what size the O ring is thats on the throttle body tube that connects to the intake manifold for the cold start injector? also i need to replace the cold start fitting seal that threds in to the injector block, it's a rubber metal washer looks like an air cond seal? thats...
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3800SC THROTTLE BODY   (Technical Discussion & Questions - by Spoon, started: 04-09-2020, last post: 2020-04-10 03:52:05 CEST)
Hoping somebody will step up to the plate with some info. While removing the IAC, TPS and MAF sensors one of the torx security screws snapped off on the IAC. This is a 2000 engine and I believe this sensor is original. I took a good screw to Home Depot and it matched up with a metric M4-0.7x12MM....
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what year did series 2 3800SC throttle bodies CHANGE ?   (Technical Discussion & Questions - by Lou6t4gto, started: 01-23-2020, last post: 2020-01-25 20:45:27 CET)
I have a few 3800 Throttle bodies here from series 2 3800SC engines. the only difference I can SEE, is the size of the HOLE where the MAF goes in. thus mandating a "different" MAF. How do I tell which is which year ? Thank you
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Holley 2.8 Throttle Body Rebuild Kit   (Technical Discussion & Questions - by Camel, started: 11-07-2019, last post: 2019-11-08 06:17:36 CET)
I searched around, saw a few posts here that never got any traction, but does anyone know of a "rebuild kit" or a breakdown of the 2.8 throttle body? I know it can't consist of much, but I'd like to tear one down and polish/powder coat.I purchased one already rebuillt however out of all the...
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Dual Throttle body intake   (General Fiero Chat - by XxdjxX89, started: 01-14-2016, last post: 2019-09-15 17:22:09 CEST)
Does anybody still sell dual throttle body intakes?
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O-ring for throttle body 2.8   (Technical Discussion & Questions - by go faster, started: 08-28-2019, last post: 2019-08-30 00:15:54 CEST)
Working on vacuum leaks would like to know the size of the o-ring for large metal line at the bottom of the throttle body. Did a check with smoke and had some smoke leaking from that line. Any help would be great. Did a search no information was available.
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Large bore vacuum line in throttle body   (Technical Discussion & Questions - by damittron, started: 06-27-2019, last post: 2019-06-28 15:05:42 CEST)
I noticed a vacuum leak noise coming from my engine this afternoon, I messed around with things until I finally found it was the large bore vacuum hose (tube?, it is metal) was where the noise was coming from (the one connected to the bottom of the TB). I used a large screw driver and levered it a...
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