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Painting Tips   (Archive: TD&Q - by Fiero-in-Paradise, started: 05-23-2006, archived: 2007-03-15 11:33:08 CET)
I know this may be a lot to ask for, but is there a good site that I can get information on tips on re-painting my Fiero? I've gotten 11 estimates in my area, cheapest estimate is $2,100, way over what I paid for the car!! I did some spray painting years ago when I was younger, but never worked...
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a few painting ?'s   (Archive: TD&Q - by salo4587, started: 07-24-2004, archived: 2005-01-19 11:12:24 CET)
i'm still preping the car, sanding and fixing the minor chips and scratches. i've been using 600 grit sand paper and its looking pretty good. but how far should i go? til there is no variation in the dulling paint there. should i try to make it so u see no swirls? i'm just not exactly sure. ...
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Buff that thang   (Archive: TD&Q - by jimbolaya, started: 09-13-2007, archived: 2009-02-19 10:44:50 CET)
I just recently painted my car and am now doing the post wet sanding and buffing. I wasn't sure where to post this question. I decided to post here, if that is wrong, feel free to rake me over the coals. After wet sanding I get the customary haze, but am having difficulty getting the haze totally...
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Nobody sells Fiero Touch-up Paint!   (Archive: TD&Q - by FIER086, started: 04-18-2007, archived: 2009-02-19 10:44:24 CET)
I went to a local Pontiac/GM dealer searching for a match for my silver paint so I could do some minor touch ups and I told the guy it was a Fiero and he laughs and says that you cant get that color anymore! He basically told me that I wont be able to find an exact match anywhere. Is this true or...
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questions about the paint job i am getting...   (Archive: TD&Q - by bHooper, started: 05-29-2002, archived: 2002-11-04 12:03:02 CET)
i have to relate some questions and personal axperience on the paint job that i am receiving on my car. this is a copy of what i sent to roger garrison.. just wanted some additional thoughts on it. "My GT is getting painted, it was '86 red, and I'm having it painted '88 red. It was rough in a few...
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Paint help! How should i paint my chipped/cracked bumper!!   (Archive: TD&Q - by FI3RO85GT, started: 03-10-2007, archived: 2009-02-19 10:45:59 CET)
My bumper paint is all cracked, scratched and chipped how should i go about painting it? Do i need to use primer??
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The Official VR6 Engine Swap   (Archive: TD&Q - by bmwguru, started: 12-16-2007, archived: 2010-04-21 09:19:32 CEST)
Hi all,I might be a little premature for this, but I have officially started the physical part of the VR6 engine swap. The last three months were the research portion. What I have found is the pre 1999 manual transmissions have high failure rate. The 24v VR6 from 2003-newer are four times the price...
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350 powered Fiero   (Archive: TD&Q - by Chris Hodson, started: 09-23-2010, archived: 2013-03-14 10:10:22 CET)
I acquired this the other day in trade for my bike. "Thanks Greg". No idea what transmission, the axles look bad ass. You can see its a 350 mounted longitudinally. So far all I have done is re route some lines under the car, clean up the cradle and the motor a bit. I put my 3800 project hood on it...
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Painting a Fiero yourself?   (Archive: TD&Q - by FieroMonkey, started: 12-06-2003, archived: 2004-07-10 10:38:49 CEST)
Has anyone done this before (i am pretty sure a few of ya have)when all is said and done, what did it cost you?exactly what equipment is needed, and what brands/modles of guns and/or compressors did you use?was it tough, easy, fun, a pain, and how did it turn out.Got any pics of the work?i am...
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Is sanding the only way?   (Archive: TD&Q - by wikid_one, started: 04-28-2007, archived: 2009-02-19 10:45:42 CET)
I am planning on painting my 3.4 over the summer. It is going to require to be pretty much completely stripped, as it has about 5 coats of poorly shot (thick) paint of multiple colors on it. I did a little looking in the archives, and I saw that pretty much the consensus was that it has to be...
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