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Build Thread: Painting My Black 88 GT   (Archive: TD&Q - by reinhart, started: 09-25-2010, archived: 2013-03-14 10:11:44 CET)
The paint is really starting to get bad on my Fiero so I decided it was time to paint it. The horizontal panels are peeling really bad but the vertical panels still have a good surface to paint over. Here's some pictures of how the car looks now.I stocked up on the following goodies.The body is...
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Alibi's $50 paint job thread :)   (Archive: TD&Q - by Alibi, started: 06-13-2010, archived: 2013-03-14 10:12:23 CET)
Hi guys, I asked a while back about what I should do for prep work for a roll paint job. Well... I've started it after pulling some panels, trim, and making some repairs. I thought I'd share some pictures as I go. So far, I've got two coats of paint down and I'm goign to do a third in a few...
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how good is Earl Scheib?   (Archive: TD&Q - by shermdizzle, started: 08-16-2007, archived: 2009-02-19 10:45:00 CET)
i'm thinkin of doing there best package just because they have a 6 yr warranty...and it's only like 800 bucks. i also don't understand why everybody disses maaco....your better off goin there than a mom and pop cuz if you go there and they rip you off you actually have corporate or the BBB to...
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SPY PICS!....first secrets of the GTR exposed!   (Archive: TD&Q - by Fie Ro, started: 07-21-2003, archived: 2010-04-21 09:19:17 CEST)
In this thread I will tease you with some features of the upcoming GTR About 2 years ago I decided to paint my Fiero. At that time I thought it was a good time to do the body mods before painting. I saw some nice mods on this forum and I had several ideas of my own. Finally (designing your own...
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painting my car this weekend i have no idea what im doing!   (Archive: TD&Q - by 87antuzzi, started: 06-08-2009, archived: 2011-05-02 10:44:26 CEST)
So I'm going to paint my 87 gt this weekend. Doing it a cheaply as I can so I'm keeping my finers crossed. I have never painted anything in my life. After about 30 minutes on google I now consider my self a pro . Anyways here is my plan of attack. If there is anything I left out please let me...
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Where do I buy the foam rollers for the $50 paint job?   (Archive: TD&Q - by Boostdreamer, started: 12-17-2009, archived: 2012-01-11 09:58:52 CET)
My other thread was getting old and long so it may not be getting much attention. Where do I buy the 4" foam rollers for the $50 paint job technique? There is mention of "high density" rollers that are "white, not yellow" and "one end is straight and one is rounded". I saw some white ones at...
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General Info Reguarding Paint Jobs...   (Archive: TD&Q - by VTfiero, started: 10-31-2004, archived: 2005-04-10 10:38:20 CEST)
Hi Everyone, There has been quite a buzz on the boards lately about paint jobs, and there seem to be quite a mix of information out there. I own a shop in which we have a paint booth, and we do quite a bit of paint work (no serious collision, mainly resprays and custom jobs) so I thought I...
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painting woes   (Archive: TD&Q - by 1984whitesc, started: 03-24-2009, archived: 2010-04-21 09:19:07 CEST)
I have been reading about painting my fiero, only to be confused will all the information. I am trying to decipher all this information about hardeners, thinners, base paints, acrylics, clear coats, and spray guns. There must be an easier way to learn how to paint, and the best way, to paint my...
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fed up! I'm going to paint her myself   (Archive: TD&Q - by bmwguru, started: 06-02-2007, archived: 2010-04-21 09:18:53 CEST)
Ok, some of you may know I've been waiting since last year to get my Fiero into my regular body shop for much needed paint. Well, I am a certified master tech and own a shop, but I have absolutely no body experience, but I think I am capable of doing body work due to my makes me a...
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Dupont paint proceedure---??!!!!!   (Archive: TD&Q - by procarnut, started: 11-01-2006, archived: 2007-03-15 11:28:29 CET)
I have recently decided to go ahead and paint my 86 fiero gt. I have experience painting cars and body work but have found that things have changed quite a bit. I called Du pont about the new changes to see what would ensure the best paint setup possible for looks and durability. So I priced the...
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