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Restoring gauge needle color (exact color question)   (Archive: TD&Q - by perry rhodan, started: 06-15-2006, archived: 2009-02-19 10:45:50 CET)
Ok....I've read severals threads here on this but...any as answered my question...I want to restore the color of my different gauge needle...I want to know which color (make,company,color) is the closest to the one used originally in the Fiero. I've read to use Testor fluorescent paint (for model...
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Fiero 2m8 LT1 NX Roadster conversion   (Archive: TD&Q - by Fiero2m8, started: 03-16-2006, archived: 2010-04-21 09:19:36 CEST)
Welcome!Ryan here from Niagara (in the Great White North).Now that my new member tag on PFF expired, I am ready to complete a hopefully great roadster home-build thread in Tech ?'s.I recently organized my progess pictures to date (about 50) so I have some stuff to keep the thread alive until the...
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Can I use spray bombs to make my car look better from a distance?   (Archive: TD&Q - by RockChip, started: 08-07-2003, archived: 2004-02-23 13:35:27 CET)
My car has bad sun damage in various places and I would like to try and patch it up until I can afford a paint job. Here are a few pictures of the damage. Will spray paint work fine on my plastic car? If yes, any good brands or just regular rust paint? Will it look any better than it does...
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Paint Prep Help   (Archive: TD&Q - by grsychckn, started: 10-29-2007, archived: 2009-02-19 10:44:34 CET)
I assume most people who frequent the board have seen my build thread. A few months ago I got engaged and we've set the date to Jan 26th. What's really cool is that my fiance wants to use the fiero to drive away from the church/reception which puts a lot of pressure on me to get it road-worthy...
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grit for sanding??   (Archive: TD&Q - by shawnkfl, started: 01-17-2005, archived: 2005-08-18 10:16:57 CEST)
ok. i'm goign to start my sanding process and have a few questions. i have an electric random orbital sander that i plan on using. will that work ok? what grit is best to start with? my car is originally black but i'm thinking of changing the color. either yellow or charcoal. havn't decided which...
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I caught the paint bug...   (Archive: TD&Q - by GT86FASTBACK, started: 06-24-2010, archived: 2012-01-11 09:58:26 CET)
Well, since so many seem to have such great luck with the so called "$50 painjob" I figured I would give it a go... My clear is pealing like there is no tomorrow and since i just got a non sunroof top for my car, wanted to paint it before i installed it so... here i go.. Got my paint and started...
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Cheap solution or terrible idea: will tractor paint work?   (Archive: TD&Q - by Fiero1K, started: 05-31-2010, archived: 2012-01-11 09:59:07 CET)
I'm on a really tight budget and my car is solid, except for its paint job, which is about the sixth worst I've ever seen. I recalled somebody mentioning tractor paint and checked it out. Here's a quote I found:"I've got JD tractors around here that are 30+ years old with it painted on the cabs, no...
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Painting my Formula ....have some questions   (Archive: TD&Q - by 725franky, started: 10-18-2008, archived: 2010-04-21 09:20:28 CEST)
I am starting to paint my Formula. This will be the first car that I've ever painted. I already took off the spoiler and painted it as a trial. Since the spoiler I have painted a couple of other things to help get a little bit of practice. Right now it has two coats of rollered on Rustoleum black,...
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Maaco Paint Job   (Archive: TD&Q - by edfiero, started: 06-27-2007, archived: 2009-02-19 10:45:22 CET)
Anyone with experience getting a Maaco paint job? They have too many choices!! What kind of Paint? What kind of Prep? Do I need sealer, primer, clear coat?I am expecting to pay between 800 and 1000 bucks. I want a good quality job that is going to last me another 20 years, but I dont want to pay...
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Reccommendations for making car one color until paint?   (Archive: TD&Q - by GraterFang, started: 03-27-2012, archived: 2016-03-23 10:13:29 CET)
So I've changed some panels on my car and now have the multi-color car look going. I realize there's no real good substitute for a proper paint job, which I will eventually do when I have the time, space, and materials to do it. I hope that won't be too far off from now but until then I feel that I...
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